If you’re around Quito between July 13th and 29th (Tues – Fri: 11-8, Sat: 11-6), you have a great opportunity to swing by an exhibit of local artist, Ache Vallejo (AKA HTM) the gallery and workshop +ARTE on 12 de Octubre between Hotel Quito and Plaza Artigas.

HTM’s work is posted all across walls and electrical boxes in La Floresta, intervening in people’s everyday experiences, and at the same time fulfilling a creative expression for the artist.


He found inspiration from his home province, El Oro, which is home to some of Ecuador’s most interesting petroglyphs, the Petroglyphs de Zaruma,» which include various simple, linear images etched into rocks. These simple figures, however, are full of deep cosmovisions and symbols from indigenous people thousands of years ago.


Since his arrival in Quito, however, Ache has been doing a lot of work that incorporates more traditional street art culture, including complex alphabets with letter structures that give people pause, though can occasionally be figured out, causing a spark of connection between artist and reader.


Visit +ARTE gallery and workshop before the 29th to see some of his more upscale gallery work! Tuesday through Friday 11am – 8pm, Saturdays 11am – 6pm!