So, whatever the job, we’ve got the gas and electric fire … Gas or ethanol models use lightweight ceramic liners or porcelain-coated reflective liners. Convert any existing fireplace into a clean burning gas fireplace with our line of gas fireplace inserts. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Home & Kitchen Best Sellers. Fireplace Front - Fireplace front used for a fireplace insert (also called a face or faceplate in this case) overlays all but the viewing area of the fireplace insert. The inner wrapper is often hidden from view behind the liners in a prefabricated wood burning fireplace. There are no questions or answers for this item. If you were to look up inside the firebox, you will see your venting system. Optional fireplace accessories give your fireplace that little extra something, making it more convenient and aesthetically appealing than ever. With an extensive background in advanced technical writing and academic research, Angela is our Content Editor and Project Manager. Available Models: We provide more in-depth information pertaining to the way each ignition system operates below: While each of these ignition systems works differently, they all give you the same result, a warm and inviting fire. They can be slim and linear-shaped, large, small, traditional, and even able to be enjoyed from more than one room. Having a fireplace without a chimney used to be impossible but not anymore. To remain competitive and compliant with industry regulations, many fireplace manufacturers equip gas models with top-quality components. As you can see, the hearth serves as a protective heat shield for many components within and near the fireplace. The term firebox more readily applies to vent-free gas appliances that do not come with a gas burner as standard, meaning they are "just a box" instead of a fireplace. So to review, the hearth is what the firebox sits on, typically the fireproof base underneath the fireplace box. This venting system resembles a double-walled chimney system used for a wood burning fireplace, which also has two pipes. Instead, they use a coaxial venting system with an inner and outer collar. Inline fans are installed at the input or output of the ducts. This part is responsible for drawing combustion air for the burner. Wall switches, handheld remote controls, and even control via Bluetooth syncing. A gas fireplace burner will have a gas supply tube or line that routes into the base of the burner. Available Models: A burner for a gas fireplace has a burner tube with a plurality of gas ports that provide flames for combustion when the burner is operating. If you're looking for ways to extend the heating capability of your fireplace, it's always a wise decision to look for compatible fireplace blowers. This blower fits at the very bottom of the fireplace. Most gas fireplaces fall into one of two designs: contemporary or traditional. By the time you're done, you'll have a basic understanding of the most common gas fireplace components and accessories. This serves as a cooling zone to dissipate heat, allowing the outer surface of most prefabricated models to touch adjacent wood framing. Discover Fireplace Back Plates on at a great price. Masonry fireplaces are rarely built with blowers, but there are still some models built with fans. The STARfire™ is a traditional style Gas Fireplace that will make a statement with its gigantic views of the realistic looking, hand-built, wood fire. The variety of sizes in the Vector™ Series of linear Gas Fireplaces allows them to fit perfectly in any room. Napoleon's Ascent™ Series Gas Fireplaces feature large viewing areas to enhance the ambiance in any room. 48. Click here to see other fireplace accessories that will give your gas fireplace a personalized touch. 50 & [CDATA[/* >*/ 36 & */ This is the fireplace back plate that can fit … If you have a B-vent fireplace, however, you will have an open-faced firebox similar to the look of a traditional wood burning fireplace. They are able to do this by limiting their BTU output and by using a unique high-efficiency burner system. Consider a stylish gas stove or convert your wood fireplace to a true-to-life gas log set. That is a fireback and it does more than just decorate. 36, Stove register plates are used, with or without a flexible flue liner, to seal off the chimney opening on your installation to prevent chimney debris falling into the room.. See Through Models. Flame height is adjustable either manually or by the use of an electric stepper motor. There are countless variations with too many styles to name. A plate is positioned above the burner tube and has apertures that align with the ports of the tube such that flame passes through the apertures and causes the plate to heat along the aperture preferably to a red heat. They can also create a glittering focal point to a … But modern gas fireplace come pretty close, and without the drawbacks of wood. This is where the term zero clearance fireplace originates from. Gas fires are among the most popular models for UK homeowners, loved for their warm and homely feel. 74 & Whether it’s a repair, replacement or brand-new installation, Wolseley’s range of gas fire replacement parts and electric fire spare parts has got you covered. The contemporary simplicity of the Torch® Gas Fireplace features a single luminous flame that glows with artistic character. Buy online today for free delivery & flexible finance options. Some of those components sit right on the hearth of the fireplace. /*-->*/ Gas Fireplaces, Inserts, Stoves and Log Sets. California Title 24: Complete Guide To Net Zero Energy, How to Decorate Your Fireplace for Christmas, Every Tool You Need For Fireplace Installation, How to Find the Right Contractor to Install Your Hearth Appliance, Fireplace Installation Checklist (for All 9 Stages), Parts of a Fireplace: Gas Fireplace Parts You Should Know. Minuteman International Plain Design Cast Iron Fireback. It's really that simple, which explains their growing popularity among consumers. Shop a huge range of gas fires at amazing low prices now at Direct Fireplaces. Gas fireplaces from RAIS use either natural gas, city gas or bottled gas. The Elevation™ X is a premium, traditional style gas fireplace, featuring a deep firebox and impressive displays of flame. But if you really want to make your fireplace special, we recommend you add some optional fireplace accessories. Flat hearths are flush with the floor. The chimney sections usually snap or twist together one by one until reaching the required height. To make it even easier, this article contains a neat interactive guide at the end to help you see where each of the main parts is located. Buy Fire Back Plates and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! But, you can add ceramic or porcelain liners to cover the walls for a more upscale appearance. Gas Bottle Wood Burner: Gas bottle wood burners are very easy to make, efficient, and are perfect for late night parties. The wrapper is a heavy gauge sheet metal or plate steel assembly that ties the firebox together and gives it both shape and strength. They also use pressure relief baffles that help mitigate damage to the glass if the unit suffers a delayed ignition. But, customization doesn't stop here. In a direct vent fireplace, there's a small inner pipe that carries exhaust gases to the outdoors, while a larger outer pipe draws in combustion air for the unit to operate. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock video footage that features 4K Resolution video available for quick and easy download. The Ascent™ Deep Series Gas Fireplaces feature increased depth and reduced clearance to combustible materials. The firebox of a gas fireplace is simply a combustion chamber where the fire ignites. 42. Napoleon's Ascent™ Series Gas Fireplaces feature maximum viewing area and ease of installation. [CDATA[/* > 31 & Available Models: Hi Everybody I had a couple of gas fire fitted yesterday, both outset convector,The problem is the metal back plate is showing above both fires and they have tape it which makes it worst, they said they will come back and cut the panel to make it look better, but surely the back panel should not be visible, your thoughts much appreciated. Other versions would use a complete metal box with built-in heat exchanger tubes that are heated directly by the fire. Gas fireplaces, like traditional wood burning fireplaces, are constructed with a protective hearth. Available Models: To help you understand which gas stoves or fires are suitable for your home, please use the information on this page to identify your property's chimney or flue. After exploring everything in and around the fireplace, it's now time to talk about what makes the fire — the ignition system. In either of these cases, the hearth encloses the base of the firebox and serves as an attachment point for a gas fireplace burner, faux log grate, and other components a gas fireplace may use. Direct vent and vent free gas burning fireplaces will use the hearth as a sort of raised platform. ]]>*/ Contemporary fireplaces typically use colored glass pieces which require a specific type of burner that’s different from … The best gas fireplace inserts require only a place to be built-in and you are all set. The heating appliance you have will determine the type of venting system you need. Gas fireplaces offer many flame control options. Considering that most fireplace parts are essential to the safe operation and functioning of these units, it's equally important that people with a gas fireplace know what these parts are and how to use them properly. Take a fireplace insert or a gas burner, for instance. [CDATA[/* > Closure plate tape as specified in BS 5871 : Part 1 Specification for installation of gas fires, convector heaters, fire/back boilers and decorative fuel effect gas appliances: Part 1 gas fires, convector heaters, fire/back boilers. They will also include mesh screens like vent-free or wood-burning models. Choose a gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert to create an inviting atmosphere in your indoor or outdoor space without the hassle of wood. We know all too well that wood burning fireplaces require a lot of work: sourcing or gathering wood, seasoning the wood, and storing it! It's worth noting that some direct vent fireplaces come designed for one type of media while other fireplaces can be adapted to accommodate a fireplace grate or purpose-built media tray or pan. Choosing a Gas Fireplace. Gas Fire Spares & Replacement Parts. Affixed to the end of the supply tube is where you'll find a part called a venturi or air mixer. The old gas valve was hidden and defective so they called me to make it work. Before you choose your new gas stove or fire, you will need to know what type of chimney (if you have one) or flue you have. 38, Line. For both wood burning and gas burning fireplaces, remember the term firebox applies to the enclosed area where the fire burns. Direct vent gas fireplaces offer several safety features. For prefabricated fireplaces of all fuel types, there is some sort of air space that is designed to surround the backside of the inner wrapper. A huge range of gas fires to choose from inset and outset. Since we are talking about gas fireplaces, let's go over a couple of the different systems you'll encounter online. Gas fireplace liners make the fire look incredible! Because vent-free fireplaces rely on room air for combustion, they are open to the room. Masonry chimneys are their own support structure, with the brick or stone encasement doing the work. Let's breakdown the very basics when shopping for or learning about a gas fireplace. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items It's difficult to discuss venting components without discussing some pretty important parts of your chimney as well. X42. Both prefabricated wood-burning and gas models use liners. Therefore, a gas fireplace requires no cleaning or maintenance. Only a closer investigation of the firebox will tell the difference. They were on time, courteous, considerate and very skilled at this type of work, keeping my husband and me apprised of the progress on the project. Chimney systems for both masonry and prefabricated gas fireplaces serve the same purpose. They run on propane or natural gas, rather than wood. Fireplace blowers circulate the heated air from your fireplace throughout your living space. They can also create a glittering focal point to a room with unique ember beds that incorporate rocks and crystals. As far as safety is concerned, you'll find a tempered or ceramic glass door assembly seals off most gas fireplaces from the room. This overlay can be a cement fireplace liner with a brick pattern, a porcelain-coated liner, or another decorative material. Tall, dark, and handsome, Napoleon's Park Avenue™ Series is a wonderful combination of contemporary and traditional. Some of these plates are designed to fit over 1/2" threaded valves, while others are made for 3/4" valves (this size is used in conjunction with high capacity gas features). See Through Models. There are many more out there like fireplace doors, fireplace screens, and toolsets that we did not mention in this article. No matter how complex fireplace parts may seem, most gas fireplace models share similar parts and accessory options. Available Models: Download this Pita Bread On The Gas Fire Plate video now. Now that you know some of the most important parts of a gas fireplace, you're ready to explore the wide variety of gas fireplaces out there with new knowledge to guide you. 46. Available Models: In gas-burning built-in models, the hearth is less functional. Most models even come with a protective barrier screen to install against the glass front, which protects against unwanted burns. The Luxuria™ Series of Linear Gas Fireplaces feature multiple designer options making it the most versatile linear series available. For prefabricated fireplaces, there is also a gas line conduit that bridges the gap between the inner and outer wrapper, protecting the gas line and guiding it to purpose-built gas line knockouts made into the brick liners or panels. These interior walls are often painted matte black. These are really … And then there are brands, a ton of brands. * / Napoleon 's Ascent™ Series gas fireplaces feature maximum viewing area and ease of installation 50... Article, we recommend you add some optional fireplace accessories environment and some Flueless gas to. Vent and vent vertically like a wood burning fireplace can be customized with a glass front, which has! They run on propane or natural gas, all you have to make them your own a chamber! Press a button up in your indoor or outdoor space without the drawbacks of wood their! Rather than wood box with built-in heat exchanger tubes that are heated directly by the time you done... Fireplaces offer a wealth of support components and accessories even 100 %.. They also protect the firebox will tell the difference go over a couple of the fireplace is available as closed! For both masonry and prefabricated gas fireplaces offer a wealth of different to... Those are just a couple of the back of the back of the pilot if there 's downdraft. Style gas fireplace is ready with a multitude of features and options free... Are less costly to build than a raised hearth type-B vent pipe and vent free gas fireplaces. ] > * / the Luxuria™ Series of Linear gas fireplaces fall into one of two designs contemporary. Can see, the hearth is what the firebox sits on, typically the fireproof base underneath the fireplace.!

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