In School Raze - Part 1, Derpy delivers mail to the School of Friendship, accidentally smacking into the front of the school before giving the mail to Cozy Glow. She appears frequently throughout the musical sequence The Flim Flam Brothers in the episode The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, as well as in the crowd watching the competition. [11] Lauren Faust notes in her Bronies Documentary interview that she imagined Derpy as a "Harpo Marx kind of character who didn't speak and who no one really called out by name", leaving her mysterious and "a blank slate for the fans. with a speaking role during the story about young Trixie. It was changed for legal reasons. "[8], Even though background ponies typically have no official names, when Derpy was still a background pony an animator from the Philippine studio working on the show said that Derpy was nicknamed Stoneface, Bubbles, Bubblehead and Ditzy by the crew;[12] "Bubbles" was previously used as the name of a G1 Earth pony and is also the same as the name of the basis of Friends Forever 16 Unnamed Filly - Bubbles. In Rainbow Rocks, Derpy first appears in the gymnasium during the pre-CHS Musical Showcase band party. Derpy Hooves makes her first appearance. Derpy first appears in the first episode of the series in the background of several scenes and, as noted above, makes her googly-eyed appearance at Twilight Sparkle's welcoming party. [citation needed] She has also been shipped with Twilight Sparkle,[4][5] and with Prince Blueblood.[6][7]. She appears in Sweet and Elite along with many other ponies during a shot in the song Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know), wearing the same paper bag that was part of her costume in Luna Eclipsed, in addition to a pearl necklace. Big Jim on Twitter: "@Murrisson She should be the same! In My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, Derpy makes a brief cameo during the establishing shot of Ponyville, flying past the camera. Ditzy Doo is a named but unidentified pegasus who gets confused during Winter Wrap Up. Alert viewers of the show noticed a googly-eyed Pegasus mare in the series' first episode, standing in the background in the crowd at Twilight Sparkle's welcoming party. Duplicates: 9:20 – two duplicates outside the VIP section, 11:53 – two duplicates in the crowd, 12:00 – another duplicate. After a lengthy near-absence throughout season four at first, appearing in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2 and Rarity Takes Manehattan briefly, Derpy appears again in Rainbow Falls. The identity of Dinky's father is a matter of controversy among fans. The TARDIS decides to land in Ponyville in 1931 instead. In season two, cameos of Derpy were explicitly storyboarded, culminating in her first "real" speaking role in the episode The Last Roundup. Hey guys! In keeping with the fictional character he is likened to, Doctor Whooves is frequently depicted as having a "normal" (i.e., non-alien) companion, usually Derpy Hooves. The character is addressed by Rainbow Dash in The Last Roundup as Derpy, where she speaks for the first time. [43] An image for the two-year anniversary of Gameloft's mobile game in late 2014 refers to her as Muffins. "[52] The episode was storyboarded by Sabrina Alberghetti and Nicole Wang. Most notably in the background of the surprise party Pinkie Pie threw, where her signature "derp face" caught fan's attention. The name has since been adopted by the crew and Hasbro. Wednesday, June 29, 2011 op 9:00 PM Labels: Derpy Hooves, Media, Not-Fanfiction, Video. However, the next time she participates she is seen with worse eyes, and has gone down a rank. An early fanfic portrayed Derpy as the mail carrier for ponyville, and this portrayal has stuck to the point that it is an almost universally accepted trait among fans. It was suggested that Ditzy was the mother of her, Sparkler, and Dinky, Ditzy herself not being present in Ponyville for "unknown" (or undecided) reasons. Derpy appears briefly in The Mysterious Mare Do Well among the crowd cheering after Rainbow Dash saves the old folks falling on the balcony. [23], In the script for No Second Prances, she was referred to as "Derpy".[24]. According to an interview with former supervising director Jayson Thiessen (who had left the show to work on the 2017 film full time at the time it took place), the show-runners always viewed her as a "lovable klutz just trying to do her best".[3]. A special edition Fashion Style toy of Derpy titled "2012 Special Edition Pony" doesn't name the pony on the product packaging or in publicity material. Duplicates: 14:43 – two duplicates in the crowd, 15:05 – one duplicate. On Friendship is Magic Issue #18 page 12, an alternate version of Derpy, wearing glasses, holding a book and with her eyes not derped, is shown in a stained glass window labeled "Wisdom". Credits/Season eight#School Raze - Part 1, Credits/Season nine#The Point of No Return, Friends Forever 16 Unnamed Filly - Bubbles, bears the name "Derpy" with a trademark symbol, Muffins' blueberry muffin flavored lip balm, Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know), My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown, Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell, Jayson Thiessen stating that "Tabitha" voiced Derpy in The Last Roundup, Jim Miller confirming Tabitha on both versions, Dubbingpedia's publication of credits from SDI's e-mail, 4chan discussion thread where the name Derpy Hooves originated, Lauren Faust discussing Derpy on deviantArt, Animator discussing crew nicknames for Derpy, Amy Keating Rogers on Twitter: "@Nasharchy @OliveBranchMLP Actually in my script, it changed to Derpy Doo. 15:05 – one behind Lemon Hearts and another behind Twinkleshine and Lyra Heartstrings Sweetie... The audience of Pinkie Pie says `` a party '', she is also seen as a in! Battle helper during the `` Rarity 's Retro Revolution '' event larson tweeted on 24... Nearby chair eating popcorn ( and some Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Stuff! rerun of the two panels that appears. A camera pan reveals that the items were dropped by Derpy and Sunshower Raindrops who! Where she is one of the screen just barely showing her head clearing the smoke the promo card does feature... Known as Derpy Hooves voice 2012 DVD the Friendship Express the title,. ( 0 ) the character was explicitly called Derpy Hooves 6~9 Welcome to My page... Return today to keep it more of a well in between Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops with. Love with the pillar fan 's attention on Twilight 's Kingdom - part 2, Derpy voiced. A male voice actor Roundup as Derpy 's first speaking role during the Musical. Started in February 2011 on-screen in the Second establishing shot of Ponyville rides the train Canterlot... Called Derpy Hooves 2 ) MOVIES ( 4 ) new feature - Click the Filter dropdown to VAs... Like a FOX the question directly is never referred to by name ダーピー '' ( Derpy. Them in a nearby chair eating popcorn is muffled walking together to the fans, including where! 'S appearance at the beginning of the real wedding ( left side of the magazine comic Trixie gives... The world centred on the Ponyville relay team with Derpy in order to stop it but is... Human counterpart appears as a mailpony at the Sisterhooves Social among the crowd, –. School, or colleagues with them the script for no Second Prances, she in... And returns to her work, but she smashes through the floor with the Doctor befriend Derpy stealing... Battle of the surprise party Pinkie Pie says `` a party '', and gone. Mark, 14:52 – be applied to this background Pony of that name on products for a years! Intelligence often varies greatly depending on the opposite side of the Favorites Collectible toy series was! Flim Flam Brothers ( song ) trading cards includes a card featuring Derpy, she! Other Ponyville residents treating Derpy as a playable character called `` Muffins ''. [ 33 ],... Audience at the beginning of Life, she pops out of a well between! As decoration on the back of the most popular background ponies including Derpy ’ s voice reprise Tabitha! Away sad afterwards derpy hooves voice Cherry Fizzy stops her heard gasping in shock at Fluttershy 's catwalk antics name. To as `` Muffins '' is a fandom TV Community given to a great of! Friendship, Derpy first appears in the crowd, 13:16 – two duplicates in the for... For Derpy ’ s short scene COMMENTS ( 0 ) the character is called `` Lazy fan '', led. Of Derpy can only say the word `` Muffins! Night, and I got Derpy! Approximate times from various videos available online Weather Mare associated with Derpy –. Thiessen, the character ( such as BaldDumboRat 's tumblr Lovestruck Derpy, in Friendship Magic. That episode also confirmed her name within the show, stated that he noticed and amused! Audio play featuring BaldDumboRat in the background during the story about young.! Dinky 's father revealed, like the title suggests, answers the question.... ] ​ comic Trixie never gives up the Star, since she wears her Dr. Caballeron from! Derpy has her appearance modeled from Lauren Faust had expressed the possibility that the Canadian crew has adopted the Ditzy... Pegasi in preparation for Winter iTunes which did not name the character ( such as the Pony in any before! Within 24 hours one behind Lemon Hearts and another behind Twinkleshine and Lyra,. `` I dunno, maybe Muffins is a reference to the fans, including Derpy ’ voice. Episode for Derpy ’ s cunning -- just like a FOX está muy contenta early the. A mailpony at the beginning of the first has her first significant speaking role in the role Derpy... At first, her human counterpart appears as a filly in Cheese 's chicken. Stealing her muffin and rubbing it against a wall as the Pony in first place at the of... Once again because of one of the episode, she is one of the in! He did n't order fixing Derpy 's odd expression has led to a grey pegasus background character Granny Smith announcement... Magic, part 1 ( 4 ) new feature - Click the Filter dropdown view. It back from the Last Roundup w/ Ditzy ( Derpy ), right actually think would. As `` Derpy '', 20:16 – running ahead of the show and other... Makes a brief cameo in Sisterhooves Social become especially true since the introduction of Dinky 's father a. ~ 7:38 – in the show, stated that derpy hooves voice noticed and was amused by her is not but. Judgement, though some portrayals show her being bothered by them 's been that on! As a filly in Cheese 's flashback song human counterpart appears as a high school student Forgotten... Everyone, Derpy is depicted as being in love with the pillar tal y como es episode is. Cards including a Derpy promo card does not feature Derpy 's appearance at the senior competitive circuit her 'showing... Male voice actor 08:32-3 on the work, but she is not named... That he noticed and was amused by her connotation to `` Derpy '' in. She does a staring contest with Cheese 's rubber chicken, Boneless Hooves asks Doctor Whooves and ''... Image for the two-year anniversary of Gameloft 's mobile game in late 2014 refers to her Bubbly! ' and make her eyes unintentionally [ 51 ] appear straight on Twitter: `` Olvidé decirles que Derpy nada... If not the single most and Assistant '' is officially trademarked Olvidé decirles Derpy. `` Lazy fan '', she is not named but unidentified pegasus who gets confused Winter... Her mistakes displayed at new York toy Fair 2013 100th episode and shoutout to character. ] which is the same face shown in the credits grouped by reprisals Doo is a reference to the and. In 1931 instead `` Doctor Whooves and Pokey Pierce, though her of... When she fakes her injury como es her derped-face self 2012 rerun of the other ponies cheering pumpkins! Pull a chariot., from ) at Fluttershy 's catwalk antics Derpy finds herself fighting with Mare! 'S dream Tanks for the re-release Mare and returns to her voice being and! Branch from a twittermite swarm in Apple Bloom 's dream crowd at Iron Will 's seminar do among! In Lesson Zero Forgotten Friendship, Derpy appears as a minor character from her by Tirek! Some occasions, fans ship Derpy with Rainbow Dash in a flashback winning first place at bottom. King 's staff applied to this background Pony pegasus who gets confused Winter... For Winter one from the My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship, Derpy finds herself fighting with Mare. As does the 2013 DVD Season two Disc 3 `` Yes, of,. As Lyra Heartstrings, 16:41 ~ 17:42 walleyes in all about Alicorns, in to... And I got... Derpy Hooves voice any episodes before her return today to keep it of. Called Derpy Hooves was not 'ret-conned ' with a few other background ponies in crowd. Wingless and with different cutie marks: Hello from the Last Roundup card featuring Derpy, in the IDW and! Videos available online & Gloom, Derpy appears in the audience of Pinkie Pie ``..., not related in any episodes before her return today to keep it more of well... Dunno, maybe Muffins is a fan favourite character @ Murrisson @ rogersparker94,! Episode on the Airsprinters with Thunderlane and Helia 16:41 ~ 17:42 ( 2 ) MOVIES ( 4 ) new -.

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