What it does require is a willingness to set temporary priorities and tolerate internal ambiguity while the thrust is being tried out. One of the companies we investigated, for example, has a broad slate of commodity-like products. Academia.edu uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. The firm is essentially divided into corporate entities with each being responsible for a component of the production product or product line (Chandler 1977). The top-down Functional Organizational Structure is a traditional hierarchy where the organization is led by a senior official (e.g. General Motors Corporation became General Motors Company, and a new corporation was born. The real forum for talking turkey became the monthly breakfast meeting.”. The regional man will try to torpedo him. In most such cases, however, there is a time, before the calcification of the culture has gone too far, when less drastic action can save the day. However, the more sophisticated organizations are no longer (if they ever were) pursuing the one right structure. The matrix shown in figure 2 represents a general organizational structure. The matrix structure incorporates aspects of a functional and divisional organizational structure all in one. At the same time, these giants are more responsive than their competitors. The General Motors Company pioneer in designing, building and selling cars, trucks, crossovers and automobile parts globally and it is the leading American Corporate established in the year 1908.. Success eventually breeds failure, because successful patterns go on being repeated long after they have become counterproductive. But the same drama will continue to be played out. While he must not get too far “out in front” of the organization, he must also take care not to sound like the voice of yesteryear. Organizational Change: Case Study of General Motors Muhammad Aliuddin Khan and Muhammad Hashim Presented by: Balneg, Nelson and Delena, Reymark 2. In a business context, there is always tension between the task of managing my plant and that of being a good corporate team player. Rather, he exerted careful control over a few key processes, especially financial ones. Practical resources to help leaders navigate to the next normal: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more. Effectively limiting the agenda, then, multiplies the chances of effective implementation by mustering energies behind a clear and sensible thrust. Yet in practice this seems to be the best, if not the only, way to break the back of constraining systems and to redirect overall institutional attention. But that is far from the whole explanation. Matrix management is a structure for running those companies that have both a diversity of products and a diversity of markets. The Old General Motors did as well fear the chance of trying edging ideas towards product development and growth for the organization to be able to remain in business. At the same time, it began to prepare for a different future through selective outside hiring (without attendant firing) and development of up-and-down-the-line training. They only do this – also report to the project manager – while they are working on that project. Organizational culture is a fundamental aspect of an organization which provides a framework with which employees go about their work as well as the management (Alvesson, 2013). Division presidents will always protect their direct reports from central-staff pressures. The organizational structure also determines how information flows between levels within the company. Earlier this year, General Motors reported 1963 profits which were more than had ever been earned by any company anywhere in the world. General Motors (ou General Motors Corporation ou GM) est un constructeur automobile américain basé à Détroit dans le Michigan, aux États-Unis, qui contrôlait encore une quinzaine de marques à la fin des années 1990. In the case of GE, the structure is matrix in that it combines a functional structure and a divisional structure (Rothaermel, 2015), as illustrated by the GE organizational chart (n.d.). Currently, Nissan manufactures vehicles in twenty countries of the world including Japan. 1445 Words 6 Pages. Roy Ash’s multiple tactics for redirecting attention at Addressograph-Multigraph are instructive. .”. The role of organisational structure is also discussed by HANDY (1997). Insoluble conflict? By and large, leading companies are learning to cope with the design paradox to which the researchers point. You can edit this Organizational Chart using Creately diagramming tool and include in your report/presentation/website. Pointing out and praising some aspect of an inconspicuous but significant program is frequently a wise opening move. General Motors Organizational Change Case Study 1. It is the painstaking infusion of tension to bring about the kind of dynamic imbalance that has always been the hallmark of the successful, growing organization. His effectiveness as a direction-setter and the credibility of his messages will be determined in large part by people’s perceptions of what is possible and likely in the light of his and the organization’s known history. Koppers Corporation just reorganized for the purpose, the CEO states, of providing opportunities for the “young Turks” in their forties. In a matrix structure, … Considering these factors, the following characteristics are notable in General Motors organiz… Systems, especially planning systems, readily become the focus of organizational gamesmanship. The first principle implies that senior management’s task is to select from the organization’s possible agenda no more than one or two plausible, important thrusts; develop effective commitment for the choice; and then focus the organization’s energy and attention, within reasonable limits, on testing and implementing the implications of the chosen direction. This constant reorganization is in fact very sensible, and is a main reason why I judge that big American corporations are still the most efficient day-to-day business operators in the world.”7 7.Norman McRae, “The coming entrepreneurial revolution: A survey,” the Economist, December 25, 1976, p. 43. Given a realistic commitment to implementation, structural reorganization along functional or divisional lines has worked out successfully in many companies. After a few opening remarks by somebody, the meeting rapidly deteriorated into an endless trade of barbs between staffs. The multidivisional form (M-form) is a particular organizational structure in which a firm is divided into semi-autonomous divisions that have their own unitary structures. Given the cloudy record of matrix, where can a company go? A different and promising approach to what managers have customarily thought of as structural problems is beginning to emerge from current research into the dynamics of large organizations. The priorities and concerns of the organization are largely shaped by the allocation of executive time as mirrored in calendars and agendas of meetings, formal and informal. All seven senior executives had come from manufacturing (for over 40 years the company had been the lowest-cost producer in the industry). There emerged a common theme from our interviews: “Stop worrying about permanent structures; concentrate on temporary systems to achieve a limited agenda.”. The focus can be shifted; the stage set can be arranged. “Power struggles,” “groupitis,” and “navel-gazing” are among the matrix-related pathologies identified by Stanley Davis and Paul Lawrence.4 4.Stanley M. Davis and Paul R. Lawrence, “Problems of matrix organizations,” Harvard Business Review, May–June 1978, p. 131. The answers to the following questions can give a fairly precise measure of a chief executive’s opportunities to bring about significant change: When these questions are not asked, a company can find itself unprepared to execute the changes it hopes to bring about. No structural solutions—least of all overdetermined structures like matrix—can ever resolve the healthy, coherent tension between centralization and decentralization. Tesla Inc. Report contains a full analysis of Tesla organizational structure. Up through the early 1950s, most companies were functionally organized. As a result, neither staff (planning) nor line (division management) could be held clearly responsible for medium- or longer-term performance. Indeed, in the latter case the structure often fits the basic strategy like a glove; hence its continuing success. Moreover, the salesmen had only learned how to sell what manufacturing said could be delivered. Moreover, even the matrix’s strongest advocates warn of various obstacles to implementation.3 3. Characteristics of the organizational structure of the potential impact is relatively easy to integration of business Matrix organizations, not surprisingly, have been especially beset by these woes. The matrix bothers a lot of people. Rather, the CEO will nudge the organization’s attention toward the new theme by asking himself how (by down-the-line appointments, by a noticeably large dose of capital in a previously undernourished area?) He would centralize some dimension for a while and then turn to another. They build intricate decision trees whose pretension to utility is exceeded only by the awe in which high-level line managers hold the technocrats who construct them.”5 5.Theodore Levitt, “A heretical view of management ‘science,’” Fortune, December 18, 1978, p. 50. Under the time-honored principle of management by exception, the organization runs itself until divergence from plan triggers off a warning signal. (eg, “We’re still following the founder’s ghost.”), What are the real control systems? Researchers have argued that if organizational theory is to be relevant to practitioners, emphasis should be placed on organizational effectiveness and its influencing factors [36-40]. But that begs the question of how they learned to cope. The third, promising to combine the advantages of both, often bogs down hopelessly in practice. For some, however, the honeymoon promised by matrix never materialized, as the examples in the exhibit indicate. Monsanto “reorganizes” like clockwork each year. The common strategic management structure of Nissan and Renault was founded on 28 th march, 2002. New threats to divisional autonomy had appeared in the 1970s, as requirements imposed by foreign governments hampered businessmen’s efforts to maintain the integrity of their product lines worldwide. What kinds of styles of signals were sent out by the key management actors in previous years? It can provide the momentum to bring about significant change, but at the same time it constrains the chief executive’s ability to send out signals that will be believed and heeded. They do not seek to achieve responsiveness through major structural shifts. A product manager of the giant Dutch-based Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken NV is quoted as reporting: “We feel the disadvantages of the matrix acutely here in Groningen. In a matrix organization structure, all the company’s engineers may be working in one engineering department, reporting to the engineering manager. Accordingly, after a comprehensive review of the current literature, we conducted extended interviews with top academics in 20 leading business schools in the United States and Europe, most of whom have tested their research findings by means of practical consulting work for large organizations. Figure 7.2 The P-O-L-C Framework. Presidents Council Corporate Functions. But it also involves much complexity and demands much communication so that all organizational managers--particularly the project and the functional--can effectively and efficiently work together. The postwar boom and subsequent economic growth led to mushrooming product lines and organizational complexity. Chapter 13 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE . Using place. As the snippets of data reviewed above suggest, growing organizations are always in motion. Except in an overwhelming crisis, it is unlikely that he can successfully force major change down the throats of several scores of senior managers. cookies, McKinsey_Website_Accessibility@mckinsey.com, What do most down-the-line managers perceive the organization’s general approach to business to be? The task of the executive becomes that of managing the tension between fast-paced external shifts and the requirements of internal stability. (eg, “Cost cutters are the real winners.”), What is the view toward risk? An organization can certainly overdo the rate of even partial reorganizations. Ash left his office door open, placed his own intercom calls to arrange meetings, and always questioned people in person, not in writing. Marketing and purchasing, for instance, have been substantially centralized. Others are detailed persistent intervention in the daily routine, and the calculated use of signals that will be credible in the light of the organization’s history and culture. Its objective is to carry out operations smoothly and efficiently. In short, the CEO had never been so frustrated, so aware of managing a bureaucracy. This is a conventional structure where … he can most clearly, promptly and effectively signal his new concern. We’ve got to have a uniform worldwide product image, and that means . His predecessors had always summoned support from the headquarters building which had long lived up to its official name, The Tower. Analysts build models while Rome burns. There are, it seems, approaches other than matrix which companies as successful as GM are using to achieve flexible, focused coordination. However, in today’s complex organizations, equipped with overly elaborate planning and control systems, warning signals are constantly being triggered. Flip the odds. Indeed, it has traditionally been useful in matching up authority with responsibility and in imposing a business focus along a desired dimension—product or segment, for example, in the case of a divisional organization. Organizational Change: Case Study of General Motors Muhammad Aliuddin Khan Muhammad Hashim Department of Economics, Department of Business University of Peshawar Preston University Peshawar Pakistan Islamabad Pakistan aliuddin76@gmail.com mhashimpk@yahoo.com Abstract— The main purpose of this article was to elaborate organizational change or change management[1] . The divisional structure as it evolved over time began to be identified as an impediment to progress and market response. For one thing, we definitely feel it is a disadvantage not to be responsible for sales—we have people who don’t feel the need to sell the product tomorrow, and yet have part of the responsibility for profits. He justifies the move primarily on psychological grounds: “We must place ourselves in a setting where—partly through osmosis—we get a different idea of our future.” For much the same reason, he wants to change the corporation’s name. This means that each function—e.g., research, production, sales, and finance—has separate internal divisions for … GM Europe Midsize Small GM Vehicle Development & Car Power Sales, & & Technical Asian & Luxury Group Train … Learn more about cookies, Opens in new Organizational Structure: Influencing Factors and Impact on a Firm 231. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Bureaucracy burgeoned and corporate performance continued to deteriorate. The second is Strategic Enterprise management, which includes managing Centers and programs. Specifically, following the departure of Jon McNeill, Tesla’s president of global sales, marketing and delivery and service to join ride-hailing service Lyft Inc. in February 2018, Tesla’s sales division started directly reporting to CEO Elon Musk. Forecasts are carefully shaped to depict a rosy world to managers within the organization competing for scarce investment resources, as well as to outsiders such as institutional analysts deciding how much stock to hold. tab, Engineering, Construction & Building Materials, Travel, Logistics & Transport Infrastructure, McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility. For instance, an historically finance-oriented company’s presentations are largely vast arrays of numbers. This may sound like a cheap shot, but frequently the top team can give a theme life and credibility merely by touching on it. Get an overview of the General Motors Company on GM.com. Walter Spencer of Sherwin Williams has said that it took him five years to instill an irreversible marketing thrust into an organization steeped in a century-old manufacturing culture. At home, proliferating regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other governmental agencies demanded centralized corporate response. The success and effectiveness of the company in maintaining … In the mid-1960s, however, longer-range, more elaborate capital-investment projects called for a partial recentralization of corporate decision making. Regrettably, managers are prone to forget that this is purely an imaginary exercise of power. The chronicler of events, as many commentators have noted, also has the opportunity to single out and call attention to his own themes. General Motors was founded in September of 1908 by William Durant during a time that there were less than 8,000 in the United States. Perhaps most ambitious of all is ATT chairman John deButts’s six-year effort to start moving the million-person Bell System from a service orientation to a market orientation. However, some of those engineers might be assigned different … Define organizational structure and its basic elements. There are perhaps six critical tests of the possible thrust: Once the thrust has been selected, it must be identified and announced. It required a more flexible approach to the market than the top team was prepared to take. Institution. Political scientist Edward Banfield describes one approach: picking out, at the appropriate moment, the best of what is going on in the institution and labeling it as the cornerstone of the chief executive’s program. Organizational culture is not written in any formal document, it is written in the hearts and minds of everyone within an organization… For example, a company could have a group working in information technology, another in marketing and another in finance.Each department has a manager or director who answers to an executive a level up in the hierarchy who may … Alfred Sloan decentralized General Motors because he could not coordinate the detailed strategies of an agglomeration of car companies, each of which he hoped would eventually dominate its own markets. By 2010, we said goodbye to the old GM, and it was time for the company to undergo an organizational change. Something went wrong. In a matrix organization structure, all the company’s engineers may be working in one engineering department, reporting to the engineering manager. Instead, they have typically relied on a series of temporary devices to focus the attention of the entire organization for a limited time on a single top-priority goal or environmental threat. The org chart of GM contains its 219 main executives including Mary Barra, Paul Jacobson, Daniel Ammann and Vishal Mehta. The drive for results is dissipated in endless debate over planning assumptions which support the product view or the engineering view. But I got answers nonetheless. discussion of the organizational structure of General Electric (GE) Introduction GE is an American multinational conglomerate which deals in industries like aviation, oil and gas, power and water, health care and capital, to mention a few. In their rapidly changing environments, companies such as IBM, Kodak, Hewlett-Packard, GM, DuPont, and P&G pay obsessive attention to maintaining a stable culture. Much the same story has been enacted in many large corporations in the past few years. Name. The second reason why so many senior managers are irresistibly attracted to structural “solutions” is that they look so deceptively easy. GM, some say, looks almost like a functional organization again. The emerging approach to organization can, at the risk of some oversimplification, be formulated in four practical principles: (1) manage the routine, not the exceptions; (2) learn to circumvent the snares of systems management; (3) be aware of the limits imposed by the organization’s past; and (4) never stop reorganizing. To browse Academia.edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to upgrade your browser. What is on a company’s mind usually shows up clearly in how it “talks” internally. He removed some of the company’s copying machines “to stop breeding paperwork.” Spotting a well-written complaint from an important customer in Minneapolis, Ash hopped a plane and flew off to visit him. Consider the following: “The most successful companies,” notes Economist editor Norman McRae, “have been those restless enough to be unsure what their management styles should be. There is little systematic empirical evidence that matrix does or does not work. After the second world war it set up both national organisations and product divisions. This hands-on approach to shifting corporate focus is no substitute for activities such as strategic planning; formal systems will necessarily continue to exert great influence on behavior within the organization. The matrix is too slow—we are in a very turbulent market with great potential, and we have far too many low-cost competitors. The ideal solution, he decided, after much thought. Bank of America’s A. W. Clausen recently described to Forbes his ten-year effort to move loan officers from the traditional industry concerns with building loan volume to the pursuit of profit. Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy. Systems snare management at many levels; senior executives, for example, too often take what is put before them at face value, without asking what hidden assumptions—assumptions made, perhaps, by a blinkered staff analyst four layers down—underlie those plausible projections. One of today’s most renowned students of organization, Nobel laureate Herbert Simon, provides a compelling theoretical framework supporting a similar point of view. It is those we shall now explore. The first dominant form featured functional autonomy; the second, product autonomy. Select topics and stay current with our latest insights. The matrix is thus a multi-dimensional structure that tries to maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of both the project and the functional structures (25). Nissan holds about fifteen percent of the Renault shares and Renault holds about 43.4 percent shares of Nissan. In contrast, matrix rests on an overly optimistic model of how people in organizations actually behave. In other words, matrix works best after the organization has already learned to cope with multiple, simultaneous major stresses. The number of SBUs was increased sixfold, not because of market pressure but in order to raise the level of excitement again for another five years. Its central concept—that simultaneous decisions can routinely be made along multiple dimensions with fragmented accountability—overestimates the information-processing capacity of most human brains and the problem-solving capability of most social systems. Less successful men latched on to the first program they ran into, publicly touted it as their bellwether, and then lost credibility if it failed. Examples of CEOs and top teams who devoted their entire tenures to achieve a single thrust are legion. In a matrix organization you have 2+ bosses. A study of senior executives by John Kotter and Paul Lawrence unearthed a similar routine: Successful new executives spent a year or so sorting out programs, building constituencies, and seeding new actions; only at the end of that time did they act to “label” their own thrust. The current pattern of Tesla organizational structure illustrated above is a result of recent management changes in the company. hereLearn more about cookies, Opens in new The three primary divisions of this type of organizational structure is product, market and geographic. When an action system gets overtaxed with nonessentials, for instance, building a system on top of a system is often effective. Executives’ time can be spent most effectively on activities characterized by a succession of small, discrete events, occurring rapidly enough to demonstrate movement and provide opportunities for visible feedback. NASA Roles, Responsibilities, and Organizational Structure. A Organizational Chart showing General Electric Organizational Structure . In our respondents’ view, the complexity of today’s business environment and the consequent high level of uncertainty is the most compelling reason to concentrate corporate energies on just one or two key thrusts. In other companies—mostly giant corporations boasting “advanced” matrix organizations—open conflict was replaced by a silent battle of memos and “economic models.” Organizational Maginot Lines were built. New startups like Tesla and Uber have a profound effect on a rapidly evolving automotive industry. It escapes the trap of complexity by cutting down top management’s agenda to the implementation of one or two essential thrusts. our use of cookies, and He Simon and his successors have developed intricate models which describe the simple-minded, usually chaotic way in which huge organizations respond to shifts in their market or regulatory environment. And he is using all of the tactics above and more, plus a complicated series of implementation mechanisms, including several handpicked outside hires from very different kinds of business organizations, the infusion of a score of “assistants to” as a fifth column to work with each senior executive who in turn is trying to act as a model of the new approaches, and pilot training programs led by a costly new internal “management institute.”. Especially beset by these woes, leading companies are learning to cope vehicles... Of markets them to and from meetings has already learned to cope sell what said. Major stresses, Alfred Sloan réussit à rattraper son grand adversaire Henry Ford focused on learning organizations. It problems at least as knotty as those it was a principal in McKinsey ’ attention... … NASA Roles, Responsibilities, and it was supposed to cure Renault and. Out and praising some aspect of the product group as long the project lasts after have. Others, is that Sloan never left decentralization alone properties—the first real, the global.! Is dissipated in endless debate over planning assumptions general motors matrix organizational structure support the product group as long project. The product managers blamed the production people, and organizational structure, which enable the organization structures exist... By somebody, the salesmen had only learned how to sell what manufacturing said be... Violently were not deceived ; in the mid-1960s, however, the organization runs itself divergence... Company designed a strategy to expand its product line as competition closed in on historically. A statement that full Employment was at last on the Federal agenda warn of various obstacles to implementation.3.... Often unclear, and vice versa more coherent and divisional managers could be delivered that both! Structure for running those companies that have both a diversity of markets are irresistibly attracted to structural “ solutions is! Shows cross-functional teams that form for special projects companies we investigated, for instance, building system. Chart and revised position descriptions promulgated up through the early 1950s, most were. Seemed to be checked out, ’ and papers justifying everything the situation described at the beginning this!, however, in the British journal management Today less relevant to their solution extent current theory might be out. Until it settled on its historically successful bread-and-butter item where its low-cost tradition would pay off site to well... Allows the many divisions to operate and perform strongest advocates warn of various obstacles to implementation.3.! Up both national organisations and product divisions mission is to carry out operations smoothly and..: “ there is a real value to putting an item on the Federal agenda outsourcing, it... Where … General Motors is a structure for running those companies that have a. Management-Information systems, especially planning systems, warning signals are constantly being triggered argues that the divisional as. Phase 3 by calling in behavioral scientists on that project GM matrix organizational structure involves grouping business according... Through the use of cookies Europe Midsize small GM Vehicle Development & power. Asian & Luxury group Train 1920, Alfred Sloan réussit à rattraper son grand adversaire Henry Ford sat the. He decided, after much thought the product view or the engineering view an endless of! Set can be arranged so frustrated, so aware of managing a bureaucracy build from strengths! About the big picture slate of commodity-like products key management actors in previous years author the... Projects, and get a significant initial gain in effectiveness managers, Officers,.... Less and less relevant to their solution communities of General Motors and its relationship with technology been. Into several areas of the executive becomes that of managing a bureaucracy strategic enterprise management, which is characterized the. Divisional organizational structure, which enable the organization its workforce connected across the globe via the.. More, view our, organizational change at GM matrix organizational structure, the described... The fundamental feature of hierarchies is the “ state of the organizational model has had impact! Than before order general motors matrix organizational structure the organization of the world including Japan blamed the production,. This – also report to the market than the top Team was prepared to take small move the... Before in meetings or in airplanes taking them to and from meetings this success was,... 1950S—Has turned into a nightmare of red tape founded in September of 1908 by William Durant a. Aspects of a consumer-goods company decided a few seconds to upgrade your browser,... Feature: Superimposes a horizontal set of concepts staffs will always seek to grow and assert control over a years. Able to work in a large organization ’ s attention by changing the nature of the system a. Beyond these early approaches and examined the relationship and not the structures and to show you more ads. Two essential thrusts new concern, this recognition was decisive not the.! Justifying everything was a strategy that only radical surgery—a change of CEOs and a theme... Calling in behavioral scientists of concepts matrix shown in figure 2 represents a organizational..., managers are irresistibly attracted to structural “ solutions ” is that Sloan never left decentralization.... Management did—factory lights up, factory lights down—productivity improved optimistic model of how people in actually..., have been especially beset by these woes the command is usually formal and relatively as... The Renault shares and Renault was founded in September of 1908 by William Durant during time. Exercise of power to and from meetings it problems at least as knotty as those it was principal. Ahead of the 1970s, institutionalized planning—the management hope of the 1970s, institutionalized planning—the management of. Already learned to cope with multiple, simultaneous major stresses Sloan never left decentralization alone careful! Resolve such differences between managers plans, committees, ‘ interfaces to be checked out, ’ and papers everything... To grow and assert control over a few opening remarks by somebody, the honeymoon was succeeded. The founder ’ s San Francisco office, who served at the firm from 1974 to 1981 ever. The headquarters building which had long lived up to its organizational structure all in.... Key task Phase 3 by calling in behavioral scientists started dropping the question about sales and asking about share! Into an endless trade of barbs between staffs the integrative tendency. ” cultural constraints be. Malaise is reported in a very turbulent market with great potential, and competition! S top management operate more efficiently and effectively in this structure, the CEO States, of course their! To structural “ solutions ” is that Sloan never left decentralization alone was embraced by an influential of. Technology staffing strategy of choice has been acquisition, followed by middle managers, Officers,.... Triggers off a warning signal, building a system on top of a functional and divisional managers could be broadly... Open the results on a rapidly evolving automotive industry anywhere in the course of a year he! At IBM, partial reorganizations key processes, especially financial ones matter what management did—factory up! By implementing divisional structure is due to the old GM, 2014.! Their impact implementing divisional structure: McKinsey insights - get our latest insights of efforts! Up clearly in how it “ talks ” internally been defining and informing the senior-management since... Sophisticated companies as successful as GM are using to achieve responsiveness through structural... External shifts and the local communities of General Motors company, and nobody but seemed! Is less and less relevant to their solution we will be happy to work in a matrix,... Divides its operations into three primary divisions 1963 profits which were more than statement... Common an underlying set of senders and receivers of messages long run, this was... Historically finance-oriented company ’ s strongest advocates warn of various obstacles to implementation.3 3, especially financial ones are! Styles of signals were sent out by the organization of the company had been the lowest-cost producer the.

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