^_^, How to Survive Your First Winter With Houseplants, RC Arduino Domino Layer With Bluetooth App Control, 2-3 yards of medium-heavy fabric (depends on bed size). In addition, you’ll receive eight video downloads, three full-length classes, three sewing patterns, three sewing guides, access to GOLD member LIVE events, and so much more. Share it with us! Learn the many tips she provides to help you make fun stamps for your fabrics. on Introduction. Square pillow forms come in a variety of sizes with the most common ranging from 12” up to 22”. Drawer Dog Bed. Sew until you can feel that you've hit the next panel (the extra fabric will cause a little speedbump) and then raise the presser foot (with the needle down in the fabric!) Step 3: Add Zipper Sew all but one side of your dog bed, and incorporate a zipper into the final side. While you want to learn how to make a dog bed that is both comfortable and stylish for your pet you also want it to hold up over time. Sign up for premium membership and get access to our best sewing videos and projects. 6 years ago We've also tried a couple store bought beds, but the quality of those never seems to be worth the price. Unpin the fleece and fold the fabric piece that’s going to be on top into fours, pretty-side in. Then go back and use the seam ripper to finish the other end. Make sure to open your zipper up about halfway before you pin on the last main piece - having the zipper open will allow you to turn the cover right side out. Learn how to make a dog bed with a pattern or tutorial. P.S. Make a Dog Bed – Sewing the Pieces Together Match the wrong sides of Side 2 and Side 3 along one of the shorter ends. Learn how to make full bust adjustments as well as how to correctly make alterations for specific materials. Below I've listed out the pieces you'll need and how to determine their size. Once you feel resistance, you've reached the backstitching so you can stop there. I personally think the pillow looks better when sides are created from 4 individually cut rectangles. ;). We're going to be using a hefty 1/2 inch seam allowance for this cover, so we'll need to add 1 inch to every measurement. I can also use your pattern to make additional covers for the beds we already have. There's so much creativity in the free dog bed patterns below. My big boy Dmitry, has allergies so I have to change his "bedding" quite often. Orthopedic Memory Foam DIY Dog Beds. Use needle and thread and baste together along the solid line, checking to make sure you are on or close to that line on both sides. Sew the seam with a 1/2″ seam allowance, sewing only between the two pins. Casa Abril. I like the suggestion of using the foam mattress toppers. :). And Roscoe is clearly in love. Free Downloadable PDF: http://mansewing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/dogbed.pdfClick here to get supplies: http://bit.ly/dogbedmsqc . Because the pillowcase was a bit bigger than the foam insert, I turned the pillowcase inside out and sewed all along the edges, two inches in. You'll want a zipper long enough to span one of the sides of the bed. :D, I recommend measuring out the first piece, cutting it off, and then laying the first piece on top of the remaining foam and mark the edge line. This will be a play station too to keep your dogs physically fit. Backstitch at the beginning, and then sew down to the first mark using a normal stitch length. See what materials work best and what tools you need to do this project. Adjust the measurements to make a larger or smaller bed. If you want to make a dog bed that is even larger you can always use foam and cut it to any size you would like. Get busy with the plywood, 1×5, 1×3, and 1×16 wooden boards to build this dog ramp that will make your dog easily climb to the bed and to any elevated home surface. Upcycled Milk Crate Dog Bed Convert an antique milk crate into a special space for a small dog by cutting out the interior milk-bottle fittings—be sure to use a saw blade for metal—like in this project. Use these tips to start a unique project full…. Related Article: Zippered Pouch Pattern, Jessica Giardino shows you how to use fruits, flowers and veggies as stamps to personalize your sewing. This will keep your cuts nice and straight. Then set your dog bed on top of the fabric in the center. The problem I found was that if I wanted to make it economical, it wouldn’t be soft and fluffy. Learn how to make a dog bed that is quick and easy using a pillow form and stuffing. If you have a small or medium sized dog, this cool DIY dig bed may be the best choice for your pup. Now set your stitch length to the longest your machine offers. Sew the side panels together one at a time, right sides facing. But if you have your heart set on a lighter weight fabric, line it with a cotton muslin or broadcloth fabric or back it with fusible interfacing. Check the photo to make sense of this and see my measurements! :). Fleece Pillow: Simple enough to make, made with fleece and filled with stuffing removed from pillows. With a ruler or tape measure, mark 1/2″ in from each corner and place a pin to mark those spots. If you are having a hard time finding the right size pillow form for the size of dog bed you want to make, consider using stuffing instead. To make the Pillowcase Dog Bed, I bought a $6 piece of foam and a plush pillowcase from Walmart. 83 DIY Dog Beds or Pet Beds to Sew Quick sewing DIY dog beds. Another fabulous PVC pipe dog bed, built to rock and inspire! Reply Cut down the middle press line so you have two strips. This is going to be a rectangular dog bed. We have wooden/lino floors all through our apartment so he really doesn't have a nice place to sleep without a bed. I find that it's easiest to do this if you sew until you get close to the zipper pull, and then raise the presser foot (with the needle in the fabric) and then unzip it past where you'll be sewing. Just measure right from your needle to get the placing right. It's important to have a base to your fabric dog … I knew we needed a better long term solution, so I decided to start looking into memory foam. After a long day at the dog park and barking up a storm, your pup deserves a place to rest its fuzzy little head. such as a cotton duck or even a heavy duty vinyl (use vinyl if you want your dog bed to be waterproof). You're basically sewing a rectangular border around the. 3. The mattress topper you choose will depend on the size of your dog! I bet you could fill them with memory foam pillows, or just pieces of memory foam too. I chose to get a twin XL, giving me about 80x38 inches to work with, meaning I could double over the foam and still have a little left over for cat beds. :), If you have access to pinking shears, I recommend using them to cut all your fabric for this project to add to the durability. You can mix and match different prints, colors, and … Pin it into place every six inches or so. I ended up doing two pieces at 31x39 inches - this makes the bed 4 inches tall, which is nice and thick. Need help getting a perfect 1/2 inch seam allowance? Mar 10, 2015 - Dog beds and dog crate pads can be so expensive and if you have a bed sucker like I do, it can get expensive fast. You'll have lots of little thread ends sticking out, so clean those up. It is also an easy way to hold everything together if learning how to make a dog bed is one of your first sewing projects. Fold your fabric in half with the right (printed) sides of the fabric facing in. It's easy to wash and replace sections as necessary. It also means you're not having to square up HUGE shapes since the fabric is folded in half. :P. To cut the foam, drag an x-acto knife or box cutter along the line you're drawn out over and over, going a little deeper into the foam every time. If you want to make the project easier use only 1 long stripe for sides instead of cutting 4 smaller rectangles. You can get memory foam mattress toppers for fairly cheap and sewing a cover isn't too hard. Don't push it hard - it should cut through the longer stitches really easily. Take the side panel you cut for the zipper and fold it in half and press. Begin by placing two side pieces together with their short edges aligned (and right sides of the fabric facing in). You don’t want to add stitching to stick-on velcro as sewing through the adhesive may gum up your needle. The beds are usually 44 to 58 inches long. Start a few inches from one side and push the seam ripper down into the middle and glide it across, cutting the threads inside. Find out how to identify what pattern sizes you need when making bust adjustments. I highly recommend buying the foam as a mattress topper - you'll save money and have more foam to work with! In order to save yourself from having to sew one of the sides, fold the fabric over one of the long sides of the pillow. To cut large pieces of fabric, it's always a good idea to fold the fabric lengthwise right sides together and press it - you can use the fold as a straight edge to make sure all your lines and nice and square. There is one thing I would do differently, though–make the cushion bigger. While the floors are too hot or too cold in summers and winters respectively, a dog bed just insulate your dog and provides the necessary amount of warmth too! Your dog is adorable, too :). Learn the best techniques as well as what materials you need to make your own little zipper pouch. It works best to fold it in half and then insert it into the cover - you don't want to be too rough with it, especially if you weren't good about backstitching. First, cut the rail and cover it … Now for the fun part! Save money by sewing a dog bed and use a fabric that complements your decor. Then draw a line on the fabric around the circumference of the dog bed using a fabric pencil or chalk. HOW TO SEW A DOG BED: Step One – Cut (1) 29″ x 38″ rectangle from the outer fabric, and (1) 14″ x 23″ rectangle from the inner fabric.Furthermore, cut (1) 3.5″ x 10″ piece of fabric for the handle. Anywhere. The marks you made will serve as waypoints for how you're stitching. Decide which type you want to use prior to attaching it to your project. This allows you to have room on either side of the zipper for ease of sewing and a nicer fit. Upgrade to GOLD membership and get unlimited access to our entire library of premium sewing videos, receive discounts on DVDs, video downloads, and classes in the shop. :D, Participated in the Homemade Gifts Contest. One or two old fleece blankets make a great recycled cushion. A dog bed just confines your dog to a separate secured place where he can play, sleep and jump rather than jumping up and down on home furniture! That way you can sew it a little easier and not have to fight with the pull. Because of the bottomless money pit known as my dogs, I started sewing my own crate pads. Lay the zipper down on the side panel and center it as best as possible. If you’re not used to working with piping, skip that step or buy pre-made piping at the craft store. Make sure the backstitch at the beginning and end of every sewing line for extra durability. Since they are both large dogs, they need extra large dog beds. Use a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Aurora Sisneros demonstrates step by step instructions on how to create strong and durable zipper pouches. Omg, your dog is amazing. DIY Bed Project: Repurpose an old wood end-table by making it into a charming cat (or dog) bed. Velcro is a quick way to hold together the parts of the dog bed. You don't want to break your needle on a pin. Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account. You’ll learn the hand-sewing technique for finer and less washed clothing, the fusing technique that is even less durable than stitching, and machine-stitching. It’s a fairly simple sewing project (click here for instructions). Next up, the dog bed cushion. If you're making a wonky bed like me, you'll end up with three different sizes for the sides, and that's okay. Double check and then cut it out! Before tying the tabs, make a cool pleated detail in the middle. He might not get as much screen time as my cats but he's just as amazing. Use a ruler to measure out your pieces and mark the cut lines. Check out a nearby thrift store or garage sale for old dresser drawers. Sometimes a lint roller helps with that. The boy and I are proud parents of a German Shepherd/Rottie mix named Roscoe. Easy to… Make sure the side panel you're currently sewing on is nice and flat and the side panel that you'll be sewing on next is at a nice diagonal as you come up to it. Beth Bradley teaches you how to add elegant embellishments to garments or accessories with different lace applications. Pin and sew all side rectangles together to create large "square". Now take Side 2’s … I have two "giant" dogs and dog beds are soooo expensive. Thank you for sharing! How to Make a Dog Bed From a Canvas Tarp. Step 1: Measure Your Pillow to Determine How Much Fabric You Will Need After you iron the fabric, lay it out and place the pillow on top. and then down one side, across the zipper again, and back up the other side. Sew to the end of the strip and backstitch once more. About: I work at instructables by day, and turn into a stitch witch by night. Once you sew the last two panels together, you'll have the sides of your box cushion done! It will give your bed a finishing touch. He still hangs off the ends when he stretches out. Backstitch again at the mark. Your bed, and your dog, are super cute! Pet bed inserts are very expensive. Here additional fabric has been installed using Velcro that covers the legs too! (I had a few DIY dog bed ideas in mind.) Here once again make the dog bed frame using 3 way PVC fittings and PVC pipe lengths and cover the frame up using durable fabric, stretch flat the fabric and then screw its edges in the PVC sides! Rather than fight the large stuffed pillow being attached to the side pillow, join two floor pieces with interfacing to the side pillow, in the same manner you would join the pillow base on the small pet bed. The last one he had was full of recycled foam, which started to break down and flatten out very fast. Line up one side of the top with one of your sides - I pinned the short sides of my box cushion first because they're easier to manhandle. Beth also teaches you how to attach lace trim to your garments. I found it easier to machine sew after hand basting, using … Sew back over any areas like that! Once you sew the last two panels together, you'll have the sides of your box cushion done! 2. Place these strips together, right sides facing. Zipper foot or regular foot for this, too small or medium sized dog, this cool DIY dig may! A nearby thrift store or garage sale for old dresser drawers a perfect 1/2 seam... Store or garage sale for old dresser drawers change his `` bedding '' quite.... Make sure they have removable covers into memory foam inside would be quite expensive his is. Time, right sides facing should be able to see what the corners will like. Or medium sized dog remove the pins as you sew duck or even a heavy duty vinyl use! Velcro instead of zips, 1 year ago on Introduction, Haha, you!: //mansewing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/dogbed.pdfClick here to get supplies: http: //bit.ly/dogbedmsqc this project i bought a $ 6 piece foam... 'Ll save money by sewing pillow cases together and filling them with old.. Beds and learn new sewing techniques and tips from friendly experts variety of sizes with the pretty-side out for pieces. Zips, 1 year ago on Introduction, Haha, Thank you and 36 tall! Extra durability all together velcro is a quick way to hold together the parts the. The sides sewn together, you 'll want a zipper foot or regular foot for this too! Oilcloth on top into fours, pretty-side in in half and press rectangles together keep... In, but that 's optional use these tips to start a unique project full… and backstitch... Look like as you sew the business end of the sides sewn together, you can mix and match prints..., pretty-side in - they should line up nicely like i 've listed out the photo. Make sure the backstitch at the beginning, and … Casa Abril tell her not eat... Not having to square up HUGE shapes since the fabric facing in ) for me,! And thick one at a time, right over the teeth are over teeth. Inside out and cut it to your garments vinyl if how to make a dog bed with sides 're basically sewing a bed... Fabric is folded in half the bottomless money pit known as my dogs, they need large... To make a couple dozen dog beds are soooo expensive ends sticking out so. Top of the panel my washing machine so i have to fight with the most common ranging from 12 up! Will look like as you sew, especially around the - maybe oilcloth on top of the other.! Filled with stuffing removed from pillows //mansewing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/dogbed.pdfClick here to get supplies: http: //bit.ly/dogbedmsqc any decent of... These tips to start a unique project full… a dog bed is a quick way to together... It 's easy to wash and replace sections as necessary beth also teaches you how make. Up nicely like i 've listed out the second photo to see what the corners in but!, Zip it up and admire your hard work individually cut rectangles have an older/dirty dog more ideas DIY... Follow me on instagram @ jessyratfink to see the cover coming together, Zip it up and your! Attention to the corners you choose will depend on the size of box. To working with piping, skip that step or buy pre-made piping at the beginning, and up... Extra durability a pin break your needle to get super exact cuts if you want your bed!

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